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EP 326 Transcript | Quora PPC Options with Joe Martinez

By Site Strategics
September 17, 2019

Speaker 1: 00:00 On this episode of Edge of the Web.

Joe Martinez: 00:04 I mean, I still believe in capitalizing on search. That is the deepest intent. If someone’s going to Google or Bing and they’re typing in something like, where can I find, where can I buy, max that out. All right? Get in front of there and capitalize on that user intent, that sometimes the search queries are no match types. We’ve already talked about are changing. There’s still a deeper intent there.

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Erin Sparks: 00:48 All right. Hey, we’re broadcasting from Edge Media studios located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re constantly bringing you the lighting cutting edge information in the digital marketing space as well as talking to digital marketers from around the planet. Check out all the recent shows over at edgeofthewebradio.com. That is edgeofthewebradio.com. We’re sponsored by our title sponsor Site Strategics, pioneers in the agile marketing methodology and if you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. Go check out S-I-T-E strategics.com or just look up agile marketing methodology. You’ll be able to find us right there. 

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If you’re new to this show, we are blessed to be able to interview some of the top digital marketing minds in the biz and it’s always a great learning opportunity for our team, especially whenever we have visitors in the studio itself. So, in the studio with me is one, first, our producer, Jacob Mann. He’s manning the dials over there. How are you doing sir?

Jacob Mann: 02:12 Doing well.

Erin Sparks: 02:12 Again.

Jacob Mann: 02:14 No, because you said … I’ve got an excuse this time. You said joining me in the studio and I was like, oh here we’re going to the guest first, cool, and I got everything ready and then you’re like, go back to this control room. I was mostly ready.

Erin Sparks: 02:25 You were mostly ready. Well, somebody who is ready is to my left, that’s Joe Martinez. How you doing sir?

Joe Martinez: 02:30 Hey, it’s great to be back. Thank you for having me again.

Erin Sparks: 02:33 You’re more than welcome. More than welcome. Thanks for visiting us again. You’re the director of client strategy over at Clicks Marketing. That’s a new role for you.

Joe Martinez: 02:39 It is, yeah. Within the past year, I’ve switched a little. It’s almost been a year. October has been a year since I’ve been at Clicks. My first shot at remote working and it’s a combination of where has it been all my life and I don’t think I can ever go back.

Erin Sparks: 02:55 It’s pretty cool whenever you have that remote gig, right?

Joe Martinez: 02:57 Yep, it is. I had to build an office in my basement which is still not fully done. It’s a work in progress, hardcore at PVC and everything, but not really good at building on things.

Erin Sparks: 03:09 Are you sitting on milk crates? Is that what you’re telling me, Joe?

Joe Martinez: 03:11 I have the rising desk. I have the dual monitors. I have … Electrician came out and I have literally walls, and foam padding, and electricity, and everything, and WiFi hub right in my little office, but it’s still base concrete floor that I’m sitting on. So, I got some work to do.

Erin Sparks: 03:27 There you go. Well, I mean the gig you kind of … I was thinking the gig economy, there is remotely economy, the remote industry that we are in and there’s a lot of organizations in digital marketing that have that type of remote workforce. I mean, there’s a few of them that come to mind, but literally being able to fully focus your effort and not have to go to that day job and not have to plug in at the desk, right? I mean, that certainly does take a lot of stresses off, right?

Joe Martinez: 03:56 It does, and I mean, we’ve seen staples in the industry long … I mean, I’m a PBC guy, so I look at other PBC agencies. There’s been other people in the industry staples who’ve said, we’re never going to do remote working. They’ve changed their mind a lot within the last couple of years. But then also from the client perspective, you all think about what are your clients going to do? They’re going to assume that they want you there all the time. Our clients have the same mentality as we do now. We have family, we have kids. We want a more flexible schedule where it’s not necessarily just from the agency perspective, it’s our clients are way more understanding now than when I first got into this industry like seven some years.

Erin Sparks: 04:32 Sure, and they’re more savvy too that it’s about the results, not the wine and dine of client management, right?

Joe Martinez: 04:40 Yeah, 100%.

Erin Sparks: 04:41 Don’t get any ideas folks in the booth.

Joe Martinez: 04:44 You can wine and dine me though.

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Now, I’m actually putting a lot of bets you that we’re going to have a good interview here, Joe. Otherwise we’ll send you a comic strip but join the news letter, is free of charge and we won’t use your email for anything else except sending you digital nuggets of gold. So, go over to the edgeofthewebradio.com and join right there. All right, say you’ll follow all the featured trending topics over the edgeofthewebradio.com, but let’s deep dive with this week’s featured guest.

Speaker 1: 06:22 Now it’s time for Edge of the Web featured interview with Joe Martinez, director of client strategy at Clicks Marketing.

Erin Sparks: 06:34 Oh yeah, we’re dancing in the studio. Okay, I’ve got a returning guest. We didn’t scare him away last time, so he’s back for a rematch. Swinging back in the studio is Joe Martinez. Thanks so much for joining us again.

Joe Martinez: 06:45 I look better this time too, don’t I? I remember last time I said that I woke up at three in the morning. I drove here. I’m shaving, hand on, not showered, left right after the shower. It’s like I’m prepared this time.

Erin Sparks: 06:57 Yeah, you’re not-

Joe Martinez: 06:58 You’re welcome.

Erin Sparks: 06:58 You’re not nearly as thuggy as you were. No, you had it down, man. You had a backward baseball cap and you were kind of keeping on hunching lower and lower in the seat.

Joe Martinez: 07:09 Yeah, I was like hunching down and I was like, not enough coffee but then I still had an unbuttoned shirt on last time. Now, it’s different shirt.

Erin Sparks: 07:16 Now, of course still that’s not your company you’re repping.

Joe Martinez: 07:19 Repping.

Erin Sparks: 07:19 You’re repping Quora. Well let’s introduce you to our listeners who didn’t see you last time. Joe’s worked in the PBC space for seven years, nationally recognized industry to speak, love of all things PBC. He is a director of client strategies over at Clicks Marketing and has a great YouTube channel that they just started up, paid media pros. It’s really good, very useful utilitarian content. He’s been a speaker and a writer for many of the various sites we follow including Search Engine Land, Marketing Line, WordStream, SMX, PPC Hero and Quora. He’s also a lover of metal music, craft beer and Star Wars.

Joe Martinez: 07:53 Yes, huge. I mean it’s … I woke up at … Well, my daughter woke me up at 2:30 central time this morning and my alarm was going to go off in a half hour anyway to drive up here. I wanted to get up here early so I can still get like a full day of work in too. I was like, I might as well just leave now. So, I left at about three in the morning, central time to drive down to Indianapolis about a four hour drive and I have a good Star Wars audio books on tapes that brought me all the way here.

Erin Sparks: 08:20 Oh my gosh, all right. So, you’re deep in the Star Wars canon, aren’t you?

Joe Martinez: 08:23 I’m a nerd. I went to celebration in Chicago this year too.

Erin Sparks: 08:27 Sweet, so what do you think about the spinoffs and the Boba Fett?

Joe Martinez: 08:30 Oh, I bought my three year-

Erin Sparks: 08:33 Disney pack.

Joe Martinez: 08:33 I bought my three year Disney plus.

Erin Sparks: 08:35 Three years, they got a three year package there.

Joe Martinez: 08:37 They had a three year package over labor day weekend. You got one year free if you bought three years.

Erin Sparks: 08:42 Oh, that’s nice. The kids are going to force me into that. But I mean, they’re spinning off some good shows in Disney to start that project out.

Joe Martinez: 08:50 Yap, bye bye cable.

Erin Sparks: 08:52 Yap, we have cable just for the mother-in-law in the other room watching her news and that’s it. She can’t … She hates internet. So, we kind of had fed her out. So, all right, we’ll swing back around to Star Wars here in a second, but I want you to give our listeners your backstory, your history and about your role at Clicks Marketing, go.

Joe Martinez: 09:14 Well I started off … I mean in college I was a broadcasting major, so I was actually on a professional radio station a little bit into college. That ended quick. I worked at a corporate retail for about five, six years after college and then I got into this industry. So, technically I’ve been in this industry for seven years, but it was still about six years after I was out of college. So, I’m about older in this industry about in terms of like PBC, when you see people who’ve been doing this for at least a decade to like 15 years, I’m not at that point. I might be as old as them, but they’ve been doing it longer as I am.

Erin Sparks: 09:46 Well, I mean, digital marketing years are like dog years. Literally as much as the activity and change in there is you’ve been doing this for about maybe 49 years, okay?

Joe Martinez: 09:55 There you go. I’m a season, so that means you’re going to have to put me down soon.

Erin Sparks: 10:02 We’re going to old yeller Joe, okay.

Joe Martinez: 10:04 No, but the industry change was, it didn’t seem like a blessing at the time, but it is now because when you have a job that you hate so much and then you go to something that you see yourself so passionate about, you give it your all and it’s like, I don’t want to go back to that. I’m going to stick with this. So it actually, I think that helped me and motivated me, and so-

Erin Sparks: 10:24 We won’t mention the brand at all.

Joe Martinez: 10:25 Yeah, of course. I became obsessed with this industry and I fell in love with it. It’s literally, I do this for fun at home too, hence the YouTube channel and all that stuff that we do. So, it’s become a passion of mine. We love speaking about it. I love writing about it and it’s pretty much what I’m dedicating this whole weekend to Indianapolis about. It is just being in this industry and specifically the paid portion of it.

Erin Sparks: 10:47 Very cool. Well, last time you were here we dove into Quora ads and it’s a specialty focus, and I really think it deserves another turn of the wheel here. But I want to go a bit higher level to begin with as opposed to the deep dive into the ad space, okay?

Joe Martinez: 10:47 Yap.

Erin Sparks: 11:05 Because you are inside in a lot of different areas of PBC. That’s your specialty. We’re taught kind of a diversity in life, all right, from our investments, from our business offerings, hell, I mean just taste testing different bourbons over time as a necessary discipline. Wouldn’t you agree?

Joe Martinez: 11:21 That sounds amazing. I want that discipline.

Erin Sparks: 11:24 All right, so … Yeah, so do I. So as digital marketers, we’re expected to do the same thing having a diversity of portfolio and portfolio mindset, but we still tend to go to those go-to proven platforms like Facebook and like ad words, right? That’s not that diversified but there’s even a sub level of diversification in the LinkedIn ads and what have. They are finally becoming mainstream. Offering an inventory where we can get the majority of the acquisitions is what we’re trained to do in digital marketing, okay? But it also does make sense to devote your time and attention to a singular platform as well because you can get very, very niche and very, very specialized. 

On top of it, our digital native audience, our new media audience are no longer coalescing in these big mainstream quagmires. They’re actually starting to move away from that mainstream, that constant barrage of added space and they’re going into these niche areas, these pockets and their creating communities, all right?

Joe Martinez: 12:31 Yap.

Erin Sparks: 12:31 Can you unpack that thought a little bit further of what’s happening in the digital mind space of the users that we’re trying to advertise to?

Joe Martinez: 12:40 There’s like three different directions I want to go off of what you just said. So I mean, I still believe in capitalizing on search. That is the deepest intent. If someone’s going to Google or Bing and they’re typing in something like where can I find, where can I buy, max that out. All right? Get in front of there and capitalize on that user intent, that sometimes they’ll search queries are, even though match types we’ve already talked about are changing, there’s still a deeper intent there. From a different perspective of what you’ve talked about, it’s we still struggle and, not struggle in the fact of running into clients or prospective clients coming in and with the old school mentality of we know everyone’s on Google and Facebook, so that’s where we need to be. 

We actually just had a recent client said, no, our boss say let’s maximize Facebook first before we try other channels and we were like, it doesn’t work that way, all right. If your audience isn’t engaging or your audience isn’t flat on a channel like Facebook, or Bing, or Google, but they’re not really engaging on those platforms and you need to spread that budget out and find out where your target audience is. I didn’t make up this quote. This is something that hit me very early on in my PBC career. So, I apologize if I’m quoting someone, it’s not mine. It’s PBC is not a strategy. PBC in all these channels, they are tools to help you implement that strategy.

Erin Sparks: 14:09 Those are tactics.

Joe Martinez: 14:10 Yes, exactly. So, you find out who your target audience is where they are in the funnel, what they like to do, who they are from a persona basis. Now let’s go find them and find out where they are and which channel is best for your potential goals. So, then that’s going to be different from every single client. So, we’ve seen also too from like we’ve already talked about that match type degradations have already happened within Google. Facebook keeps taking away targeting options that it’s not as accurate as it used to be. So, if these are becoming more competitive, not as accurate and they’re spending more of your money-

Erin Sparks: 14:47 Oh, yeah, they threw out the mandate of $25 a day.

Joe Martinez: 14:51 So, let’s find other channels that are more accurate, cost effective and going to have a higher CPA and we mentioned this last year too, it’s if the lazy market and said, oh, it’s another channel I have to manage. Well, then fine, be lazy. I really help you manage the accounts from my client’s competitors. You can be lazy all you want. I’m going to start focusing on finding out and stealing some of these other people from some of these other channels and Quora is, to me, one of the easiest. Ones that you can do it from both an organic and a paid perspective.

Erin Sparks: 15:21 Very good. So, to further that, we are not flat dimensionless consumers of new media. Just going to Facebook and having a mentality of just reached out to them on Facebook, or just reaching them in ads. That’s not really taking into the fact that we have a digital, a new media audience kind of equalizer bar of all the difference, all our different preferences of destination. Right? It’s not just Facebook, it’s not just Google, it’s all the other areas that are available to us, and on top of it, it’s a compounded factor of what you like to consume. You may like to consume a video over at LinkedIn. 

You may like to consume a static ad in Facebook, so you now have that additional multiplying factor that you’re looking for platforms that can meet certain audiences, preferences of consumption as well as where they want to go. You just can’t bank on two horses and expect the niche success of a multidimensional consumer.

Joe Martinez: 16:28 Yeah, there’s a … My slides might be out there somewhere. I spoke at Pubcon Florida earlier this year and I literally pulled a channel touchpoint at, not attribution, but the multichannel funnels of where … How many touch points it took for people to convert. We’re hitting up to like 27, 30. My wife has called me out to, rightfully so, and you can have a picture of me looking at it too. I could be sitting on the couch with my computer up from work, TV’s on, my laptops up watching the Brewers game and I also have my phone with me checking out other work stuff or texting the friends. At some point, I have four devices in front of me. Figuring out that attribution model. You’re telling me I’m just on Google or just on Facebook.

Erin Sparks: 17:14 At the same time, nope.

Joe Martinez: 17:18 If you’re not … We can prove that. I mentioned that I think last year too of you can add an audience on Quora for free without ever giving them your credit card information. So when people say my audience isn’t on Quora, create that. Just create an all users, all site visitors, remarketing audience. Upload your customer list and see how much of them are on Quora. You’re going to be surprised like, oh they are on that too. They do visit there. Yeah, and then when you then filter out another audience of people who have converted or your current customers and just do that basic subtraction of these are all the people who are also on Quora who have also visited your website and they still haven’t converted. You still just want to be on Google and Facebook?

Erin Sparks: 17:59 Yap, I think every ad platform should have that level of free visibility to audiences. I mean, that’s stellar and it’s a rarity, honestly.

Joe Martinez: 18:11 It’s crazy. It’d be like, it’s such an easy selling platform for the advertise [crosstalk 00:18:16].

Erin Sparks: 18:16 Let them see their own audience. When it comes down to ad platforms, so let’s say that somebody is persuaded to, all right, we’re going to go niche, we’re going to be able to diversify our portfolio a little bit more and then you’re dealing with the newness of platforms and there’s a reluctancy of jumping into something that’s not all the way cooked yet, all right. Well that’s not Quora. Quora is cooked in it and it also had a bunch of Facebook engineers that jumped in. Not only Facebook.

Joe Martinez: 18:47 … And Google.

Erin Sparks: 18:47 … And Google and-

Joe Martinez: 18:48 Silicon Valley.

Erin Sparks: 18:49 Yap, and started beefing up building that entire ad platform.

Joe Martinez: 18:55 They’ve caught up insanely fast. They launched with some pretty robust targeting. I mean, we already talked about re-marketing and we mentioned kind of custom match a little bit. They now have look alike audiences that you can build. They have pretty much a broad targeting where you’re letting Quora’s machine learning algorithm kind of take place. That’s pretty much opening the flood gates if you have the budget and it’s when I know … When we were talking about budgets on Quora, you don’t need as big of a budget as you think.

Erin Sparks: 19:25 No, I’m going to pause you there because I’m going to pull you back a little bit because some of the audience may not know. I hate to say it, you’re even wearing the t-shirt. They may not know what Quora is. So, give us a brief rundown of what this environment is because it is unique.

Joe Martinez: 19:40 I’d hate to pigeonhole Quora is just a Q&A website, but if you’ve never been introduced to the channel before, that’s what I would explain it, as a channel that people go there to ask questions and get answers to it. The first question I think I asked was I had a guitar case. It was locked. It was a pin combination Gibson case. The pin was still in there, but it was jammed and someone … I said, I have no idea how to get this thing open. I’ve never set the combination lock on it and I got the answer in how to open it and fix it. 

So, it’s a community there who is knowledgeable of the sources and people like I go on there and I subscribe to Quora advertising. I’m a huge fan of YouTube advertising. I subscribe to those topics. So when I see people asking about those questions, I can go in there and answer them from an authoritative perspective.

Erin Sparks: 20:25 That’s the uniqueness is that you’re bringing your, as a user, you can bring your expertise into the equation. So it’s not just one way. Like YouTube, you’re asking questions of yourself just from a search standpoint and you’re finding those do it yourselves, what have you. In Quora, you can play the part of the questioner or the advisor or the expert as well.

Joe Martinez: 20:46 Yap, 100%. So, I mean from … You’ll see not only practitioners, there’ll be celebrities. I’ve seen a few core presentations, they’ll be … Jackie Chan was one. He will go and answer questions about himself and it is Jackie Chan, and Ice Cube has gone on there. Jennifer Lawrence has gone on. They’ve answered questions about themselves, but people want to make sure that the accurate answer is out there, and it’s, one, it’s a knowledge based. People go to Quora to get answers. There is a higher intent. 

It’s not like a basic display platform of building awareness, which can be used as an option but people go to Quora to get answers or to answer questions themselves. So, there’s a deeper level of intent with this platform than a lot of other marketing channels.

Erin Sparks: 21:35 There’s also trust that’s embedded in that because they are going there and there’s not spam. There can be but the platform itself regulates itself and will push and block anybody that tries to abuse the system as well, right?

Joe Martinez: 21:54 Yeah, the Quora platform is just known from their stance that they’ve released personally on their own websites is a higher educated audience base. So, these are people who, one, they don’t abuse the system. This is not like the old Yahoo answers, you can just spew off whenever you want. This is not a platform that’s filled with internet trolls. You can up certain answers and it’ll give them the thumbs up. You can also down vote answers. You can also say that this answer’s completely irrelevant to the topic itself. So it’s, one, the community kind of regulates itself in a lot of ways, but Quora does a good portion from itself manually from a company perspective of making sure that the answers are legit and we don’t have a ton of internet trolls running this. 

So that’s from a user perspective, and also from an advertising perspective, it’s very beneficial because the quality that we see coming in is a lot higher than some of these other channels.

Erin Sparks: 22:44 Absolutely. I mean, you can liken it to a Reddit in certain aspects because there is a solid community there and you can truly be chased with pitchforks and torches if you’re actually trying to abuse that system. So, there’s an opportunity for advertisers. There’s an opportunity to be able to meet those users and talking about intent, and we talked about this last time on this show, they are literally re … They’re showing exactly what they’re needing help on right there as opposed to search strings and more general queries. There’s a sentence structure question there that is so apt to be answered by businesses, right?

Joe Martinez: 23:28 Mm-hmm [affirmative].

Erin Sparks: 23:29 That’s the unique part about it. So what’s available inside Quora for advertisers?

Joe Martinez: 23:35 I mean, there is the basic … I mean, we already talked about audience, so you can just do re-marketing. That’s it. I think re-marketing from any platform is a great way to just get your feet wet. People visited your website, specific pages, whatever. If they’re going back to Quora, test it out and just see what kind of reaction you get. Same thing with your customer list. I think the next way to test it out is looking at specific topic targeting. So, when you create a campaign, you can select certain topics or interests and the way that you structure that campaign, it’s pretty much, campaign is pretty much going to be exactly the same. But a topic and an interest is different. So, a topic is questions are bucketed under topics. 

So, if there could be a thousand questions about a specific brand, that brand will have a topic. Those thousand questions are bucketed under that brand if they are about that brand. So, excuse me. So, that that topic of the brand itself is if your topic targeting people are on that question, engaging with that question within that topic at that moment. Interest targeting is people have shown some sort of interest in the past. So they’ve answered a question at some point in the past. They’ve liked the question or they’ve downloaded the questions, some sort of previous engagement. 

So that is an interest targeting. So, there’s a clear intent difference between those two, so when you’re structuring those campaigns or your ad sets, we highly recommend segmenting those out totally different.

Erin Sparks: 24:57 Now, the most narrow and you’re probably going to go there the most an hour is as a direct question advertise. So, go ahead and unload on those.

Joe Martinez: 25:04 You can research questions. Start typing in if you want to do question targeting, which is an option, you can start typing in keywords within that question. It’ll give you options of possible questions you can target. You can select them to see possible impression shares per week.

Erin Sparks: 25:21 That’s beautiful.

Joe Martinez: 25:21 What I would do initially is that you can research topics and questions ahead of time. There’s the three ellipses buttons where you can kind of click more. You can view stats of those specific questions to see how many people have looked at that question in the past. So I mean, do you really want to target a question that only got like 10 views previously? So you can do that research ahead of time. Well, question targeting has the highest intent. You know exactly where your ad is going to appear. The traffic and volume might not be there.

Erin Sparks: 25:51 So, you’re either doing topic with a good deal of questions or your doing selected questions and you’re evaluating what that yield is going to be.

Joe Martinez: 26:01 It’s easy for a marketer to research. Just go to quora.com, type in a brand name, or a topic, or your service, or whatever you think your audience is going to want to research, and you’ll see if it is a topic or you can filter it just to specific questions too and you’ll find out.

Erin Sparks: 26:15 It’s a beautiful thing, and the last time I talked, we kept arguing hard. Going back to our conversation last time we talked, me gears just starting to go-

Joe Martinez: 26:21 It’s still good.

Erin Sparks: 26:23 It’s evergreen guys. I mean, literally such a rich tapestry of information for search engine optimization for creating content and understanding what people are really asking about as opposed to rolling the dice and thinking that there’s a voice search out there for this. There’s intent right there. Quora is known to be very accurate answers. So, somebody who’s maybe searching lightly inside of search could pivot to Quora because they know that they’re going to get an answer explicitly to their question. You got to have to wait a little bit, if I can drop that in there and boy, you’ve got … You can’t get closer to matching the needs of your audience than something like that, right?

Joe Martinez: 27:04 Even if questions are like, what are the best advertising options for 2017? That’s an older question. You can go in there organically from a content marketing perspective and be like, well, for 2019 I would do this and then even from an advertising perspective, you can get in front of those and find those older ones that might still get a lot of traffic and still push your options and push your blog content or whatever and still promote what’s new now. So you can still recycle old content organically or from an app perspective and still get in front of there from users if those older questions still drive a ton of traffic.

Erin Sparks: 27:37 Got you, all right. So you have the topic, you have the question bin. You have a specific question. Are there any other targeting methodologies from a campaign standpoint inside of Quora?

Joe Martinez: 27:48 One thing I like, it’s not an actual campaign, but a newer one that we didn’t talk about last time was promoted answers.

Erin Sparks: 27:55 That’s right.

Joe Martinez: 27:56 So, the targeting options are the same whether you want to do from an audience perspective, you want to do topic interests that you can do keyword targeting, which you didn’t really target. You can do from a broader phrase match type perspective. You can do keyword targeting on the platform as well.

Erin Sparks: 28:09 Is that new too or is that always been around?

Joe Martinez: 28:10 Newer within the past year for sure.

Erin Sparks: 28:12 All right, cool.

Joe Martinez: 28:13 But from promoted answers is an actually an ad format within Quora, not necessarily a targeting or a campaign format. So, all your targeting options are the same, but you can take an answer that you wrote. So this is a good way for your paid media team to start talking to your organic team and actually have them interact with each other. You’re organic.

Erin Sparks: 28:35 It’s like oil and water man.

Joe Martinez: 28:36 Let’s say your organic team is writing fantastic answers. They’re trying to build awareness for our clients, but maybe whatever they’re promoting it or whatever they’re answering, it’s just not getting that visibility. You can take that answer, promote the answer and the question to the top of the page depending on whatever targeting options that you’re picking. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t have to be the answer that you write yourself within that account. So, if you see … Let’s say you have your advertising account is through one email address, but the engineer from your company who is the knowledge source is writing that answer. 

If you know that answer is legit and it’s the best but it’s not getting that visibility, you can promote somebody else’s answer and the question to the top of the page to whatever targeting option that you want to do.

Erin Sparks: 29:21 That’s huge. That is not just not … You’re just not pushing your own account because that’s where you start getting your employees engaged or you start also even looking at other influencers and other evangelists.

Joe Martinez: 29:37 I think the best way to use this is when people are researching should I buy X or should I buy Y? You’re brand X and you see answers from someone completely unrelated, literally a customer saying, I love brand X because it’s got this, this, this, this, this. You can go to that answer and promote it to the top and it’s purely natural from a fan or a previous customer and you can promote that question and answer to the top.

Erin Sparks: 30:03 So it’s almost like you’re bringing a particular review or maybe even a negative review of another brand and be able to float that thing up to the top there.

Joe Martinez: 30:12 If you think about it, if someone’s from a remarketing perspective, someone’s already visited your website, so then another, probably more in the research mode, or you’re running different, let’s say from a LinkedIn or Facebook standpoint, and you’re doing competitive targeting when you have those URLs tagged, knowing it’s from that competitor campaign and they’re coming back to the website, now they’re going back to Quora. Now that you have those URLs tagged from a competitor campaign, now you can hit them with an answer of why your brand is better than that competitor. 

Then you’re giving them an answer that’s not from the company. If they don’t want to feel like they’re sold to, fine, give them a promoted answer, push that one to the top, and then it’s-

Erin Sparks: 30:49 That is evil genius man.

Joe Martinez: 30:51 It works.

Erin Sparks: 30:53 Well, I mean you’re triangulating and I don’t think any other ad platform has that type of functionality. I could be wrong, but to be able to lift up a separate accounts information, now you don’t need the approval of that particular account holder either.

Joe Martinez: 31:10 No, yeah, you can. So that when you see the answer, when you’re creating the ad itself, you need the answer URL. So when you find the answer, there is a date under the answer of when it was answered. If you click on that date it’ll open up a new window and then you’ll get just a brand new tab or window for that answer itself. That’s the URL you need to attach to that ad itself.

Erin Sparks: 31:33 So, the mechanics of the promoted advertising here, you’ve got the permanent question URL and that’s also something that’s unique. These URLs are not going away. They’re permanent question URLs and permanent answer URL.

Joe Martinez: 31:33 Correct.

Erin Sparks: 31:47 That you can actually bank against and be able to promote against. That’s kind of unique in its own right. So, you’re putting those two pieces together, what’s those next steps? Or is it that easy?

Joe Martinez: 31:58 It really is that easy and they made it easier, like what, about six months ago where you can … Promoted answers are easier to do. Just again, I mentioned like the three dots, the more button, find an answer. There’s those ellipses buttons you can pick. There’s a drop down. You can actually promote this answer straight from the answer field and then you’ll go through the campaign creation process from a different way instead of through the ad platform itself. So if you find a great answer, you don’t want to forget about it, you can just click it. Nope, I want to promote this one. Think about it as Quora’s version of a Facebook boosted post.

Erin Sparks: 32:32 Right, very good. But I mean, literally you have the ability to boost someone who-

Joe Martinez: 32:38 It doesn’t have to be your post.

Erin Sparks: 32:39 Yours, yeah. So, getting back to about being able to get your … Be able to showcase talent inside of your own organization. That’s something that also you can certainly do in a particular manner inside of Facebook, but being able to give a platform to your audience or to your employees where they can really shine and then be able to move them up the visibility ladder, right? So, it’s maybe not a conversion play. Maybe it’s a re-marketing play, but on top of it, that person, that user that came through either re-marketing ad or came straight through and sees your ad because of the re-marketing angle that you’ve got there, they’re now seeing your employee in a particular very unique spot. 

Is that they may have come to your domain in one way, shape or form, but they also see and obviously they need to be associated to your brand, but what an interesting suggestion that you can provide to that user that’s doing that research right now is hey, one of our own staff members has a perfect answer to this question.

Joe Martinez: 33:46 Yeah, and it can hit every option of the funnel because the promoted answer is the ad format. It’s not the targeting. So if depending on how you might break out your email list or what pages they visit from your site, what specific answers are they, or questions, are they looking at within the platform. There’s definitely a difference between what is the better option versus where can I buy type questions? The work, can I buy one? I’m not saying promote an answer might be a great fit for that one, but depending on what your targeting is, that can actually differentiate of how you want to segment those answers to is this better from an awareness perspective or this person’s ready to buy now. Let’s give them all the proof points and all the value messages they need to make that final decision.

Erin Sparks: 34:30 So you almost might want to have your employees answer in that same level of awareness fashion so you have more of a segmented series of answers that you want to promote for this. If they hit that particular consideration page over on the website, having one of the showcased evangelists inside your organization have a consideration answer or maybe even a decision answer to further them along this abstract funnel that they’ve gotten here.

Joe Martinez: 34:57 Yeah, and you’ll find in different industries. I’ve seen it from SAS, the CEO of DuckDuckGo, I’m forgetting his name, he’s gone in and answered a lot of questions about DuckDuckGo, and when you have the CEO giving long form educational answers, being fully transparent, it builds trust. It builds your brand, and DuckDuckGo is probably not as big as what people want it to be, but it’s a growing platform.

Erin Sparks: 35:21 It is a growing platform.

Joe Martinez: 35:22 When you build that trust that way you’re building brand affinity and that’s where the quality can really come in.

Erin Sparks: 35:27 Very good. So, there’s a lot of different goals that you can have with a series of Quora ads. Remind us what that Quora ad looks like again.

Joe Martinez: 35:38 Well, there’s a basic text ad option. If you don’t have an easy way to get creative, just get something up there. Quora is pretty much a text based platform but the main action if you’re just going to run text ads, try to get the image ad options. So, take your 1200 by 628 image from either Facebook or LinkedIn. That’s pretty much the same ad size that you will need for a Quora image ad. You’ll need a little bit logo option, a square logo option too that eventually will go inside, but the image ad is where you’re going to really capture someone’s attention.

Erin Sparks: 36:15 Got it.

Joe Martinez: 36:16 We’ve seen at least double click the rates on the image ad because when it’s a pure text based page with questions and answers, that image really stands out, and just yesterday, they announced that the images that used to be just a little know rectangle image off the side of the answer, now they are side to side on your mobile phone. They are a wide expanse image option now where that image is very visible and-

Erin Sparks: 36:16 Very cool.

Joe Martinez: 36:43 We can only expect that click rate to go up even higher. When we’ve answered, when we’ve done our paid media pros, YouTube channel, we go in and answer questions ourselves and then if we have a corresponding, we purposely pick questions that talk about videos that we make, and we add, hey, this is video, we’ll explain it all. Even the videos that we organically just copy and paste from YouTube are full side to side. So, they take up that whole space and it’s very visible to see. So, it’s more visibility from the image perspective and that’s where you’re going to see some of that click through rate boost.

Erin Sparks: 37:15 Now, then that’s not going to harm the environment, is it? From a … I mean, people are there for answers. I mean, the ad realm for Quora need to be careful not to abuse the system, abuse the aesthetics either, right?

Joe Martinez: 37:33 Yeah, and it’s the … Even from an ad perspective, there are guidelines in place that you really … It’s tough to abuse the system. So, we’re so used from the Google aspect of Campbell case, it headline every word is capitalized in the beginning. You can’t do that right on Quora. The excessive capitalization and everything, if it’s image, image, image. I had a client that actually has punctuation as part of their brand name. We can’t get that approved in Quora because it looks like you’re trying to do multiple sentences within the headline. 

So we have to … It’s not going to be full on brand, but it’s going to be brand new itself. So, I mean, there are strict guidelines where you can’t abuse it and even from an image perspective, even organically answering, if it’s just you’re not going to be able to post an organic answer that’s pure images or just pure video. There’s got to be some quality content to it and same thing goes for the ad platform.

Erin Sparks: 38:30 Last time when you were here, you talked about some of the ad opportunity you can even post in the headline a question and then in the body text, the answers of that question and it kind of sows into kind of the readability of Q&A inside of Quora.

Joe Martinez: 38:45 Yeah, exactly. It’s fitting into what your audience is, and we’ve done the ask a question purpose from that top of funnel perspective. If they’re still in research mode or if you know that user who, if you have a product or service that has a specific pain point and you know how you can connect with that user psychologically of are you running into this issue, we have those solution for you. But now we can add either, again, you can promote your answers to the top of that one if you know you can solve that answer. Or now we have the option to have a better image that can coincide with that question to make a better connection with that user.

Erin Sparks: 39:19 It sounds like they’re really finding the edges of the room, of their platform and not harming the audience but actually providing unique positioning for the advertisers now much more than they had last year. So, there’s a continually evolving environment. You touched on conversions last time and I wanted to do another run around regarding attribution and conversions. You can’t see multi-touch conversion rates yet, right?

Joe Martinez: 39:49 You can go in and add custom conversions. So, any of the URL based ones that you can … If your contact us thank you page is /thankyou.html, whatever it is, you can add that as a convergence so you can see those numbers come through. Any event based type conversions that you track within, just like how you set them up possibly in Facebook. If it’s more … If you have to go through Google tag manager to set up the custom conversion code, you can do that within Quora.

Erin Sparks: 40:18 Okay, all right, cool. Have there been improvements on, on conversion? Have they been able to give more signals and more depth to that?

Joe Martinez: 40:27 Those have been the main upgrade since last year in terms of … I mean there’s always been … Even last year we didn’t talk about it and I haven’t run any of these campaigns just to the clients I have, but there are app install campaigns that you can run on Quora that’s been there for a very long time. I personally have not run those. You do need a third party tool to kind of track those app downloads from there, but that has always been an option.

Erin Sparks: 40:50 All right, so we teased it in the beginning of the show. There are some new features coming out.

Joe Martinez: 40:56 There are.

Erin Sparks: 40:57 You’ve got like a direct line, some weird bat phone going into Quora, don’t you?

Joe Martinez: 41:01 I do. I’ve loved the platform since they first came out. Actually my first connection in there when they were still in beta, it wasn’t open to really anyone. They were at a Hero Calf in LA. I don’t remember what year, how many years ago it’s been. Maybe three, four years ago. There was a girl who was-

Erin Sparks: 41:20 That’s 21 years in marketing years.

Joe Martinez: 41:22 Right?

Erin Sparks: 41:23 For those who are keeping count. All right, keep it going.

Joe Martinez: 41:25 There was a girl who had … Pretty much, she lived in the same neighborhood I did growing up, had no idea. She was out in California then. So we connected, we got our agency in, we were like, first of all, my first thought was like, what is Quora doing here at a PBC conference? They don’t belong here and then you realize what you’re doing and, me and my co-worker at the time, looked at each other like, oh wow, this is going to change a lot of things. It did. I mean from that perspective we’ve definitely seen it grown between the targeting options that they have now to what’s currently coming out. 

So, there are two that I can’t talk about, but I will tease them right now. There is another re-marketing option coming out that is going to be based off of a current targeting option. So that’s all I can say about that.

Erin Sparks: 42:09 Is it re-marketing people that are answering questions?

Joe Martinez: 42:12 I am not going to say.

Erin Sparks: 42:13 Is it … All right, keep on going.

Joe Martinez: 42:16 I’m going to play dumb on that one, and then there’s also a demographic targeting option that’s going to be coming out and it’s going to be pretty specific on who you can reach. So, Quora has always been really good on privacy for users. So some of these demographic ones is they’ve held off a little bit until they can figure out how to do it right.

Erin Sparks: 42:35 Got it.

Joe Martinez: 42:36 So, those are two ones that are coming that I can’t talk about yet. So, again, another new re-marketing option and then a new demographic targeting option that it’s coming out soon.

Erin Sparks: 42:44 Now, of course, you know you’re going to have to let us know so we can light it up as quickly as it comes up. I’ll let you do it exclusively.

Joe Martinez: 42:51 Yeah, you’ll hear it here first.

Erin Sparks: 42:52 But you also ran through a number of recent changes since last you’ve been here. You talked about a little larger images that just got really, it’s boosted posts concepts, right, and the promoted answer concept, but you also teased up something. Go ahead and just let it fly.

Joe Martinez: 43:08 I think the biggest one that’s going to be my favorite one, B2B lead gen people are going to be jumping. It’s in beta right now and it will be announced soon is lead gen form ads are coming to Quora.

Erin Sparks: 43:19 Literally you ask a question, you’ll see an answer as well as an inquiry form right there that you can contact that company.

Joe Martinez: 43:27 Yap, first name, last name and email. So that you’ll be able to collect that information from users directly from the ad within that channel. Definitely going to be really good for re-marketing and a customer list match standpoint, so be able to capitalize on that user intent. But of course, if you have really good deep down lookalikes of people who have similar behavior of your target audience you’ve also converted, I’ve seen that worked with other social channels before with using lead gen forms with lookalike audiences. 

Since Quora has lookalike audiences, now we can attach to that lead gen form to it to do more a top of funnel. You can do more of a get a demo instead of sign up and buy now. You can switch up your form to kind of give a call for a different action.

Erin Sparks: 44:10 That’s cool. That’s very cool, and you also told me before the show, business accounts are now there, where they weren’t before you were literally having to run a business brand through a personal account. Now, you’ve got business accounts, so can you associate different users too?

Joe Martinez: 44:26 Those would be pushed live soon. So, you’ll be able to … So think about it from a user perspective when someone visits your user page you can see all the questions and answers that they have answered, both from a business perspective. If you want to keep it very specific because from a user … I haven’t done it in a while, but I can go in and answer, from a user perspective, I can go and answer a Star Wars question. I can go and answer a PBC question. 

I can go answer whatever else I’m interested in, but from a business perspective, someone goes to your profile page and they see all your followers and topics you like, most likely all your questions are going to be pretty specific to what you do and what you’re trying to provide as value for your users. So it’s going to be a better option for you to build your brand from that perspective and also if you want to promote your answers from a business page profile, you’ll be able to do that instead.

Erin Sparks: 45:13 So, you don’t get in trouble with all the other questions that you answer. So give your employees a little bit of freedom. I really appreciate the Quora download here and they are certainly moving fast, and again, it’s still a niche, a marketplace, but niche equals higher yield and conversions on a regular basis.

Joe Martinez: 45:34 They have more users than Pinterest. So I mean, if you’re in Pinterest, in terms of monthly users actively visiting the platform, they’ve surpassed Pinterest.

Erin Sparks: 45:43 That’s awesome.

Joe Martinez: 45:44 But Pinterest is, you can see it being more of a niche type platform. You can find topics for almost any industry on Quora and they have more users. So, if you’re a B2B lead gen one, obviously you’re probably most likely not going to be on Pinterest, but I guarantee you can find your audience on Quora at some point.

Erin Sparks: 46:03 All right, so last point in this particular focus on Quora, give us three steps that an interested business should look to do to start Quora advertising.

Joe Martinez: 46:16 First thing is just sign up for a business account. Just type in Quora for business into Google. It’s going to be the first result. You can sign up for an account for free. Start building your audiences, again for free without ever giving them your credit card information.

Erin Sparks: 46:29 With that pixel on the site.

Joe Martinez: 46:30 Yeah, start and see what your users are doing and then just to get your feet wet, start looking at your re-marketing audiences. See who’s already on there. Start testing those out. Besides just your overall page visits, start segmenting those re-marketing audiences to more specific actions and you can also add exclusion audiences too to try to filter out people who have already converted and all that fun stuff. So that’s, to me, that’s the best way to test it out. Even clients that we manage that have bigger budgets, this is a great opportunity too if you do have a bigger budget to start a specific as possible, but you’re probably going to find out that you’re not going to spend as much as you want. 

This gives you an opportunity to test different topics that might be relevant to your audience, but you’re afraid to test it out on Google or Facebook because you know they’re going to spend a ton of money if you start branching out on broader topics on those platforms. Test it out on a more specific niche platform like Quora first. Find out what expansion topics work well there and then see if you can replicate that in any way in some of the other channels. So, it’s a good research and testing platform as well.

Erin Sparks: 47:34 We keep falling and coming back to that. It was really beneficial not only in an ad targeting or ad audience creation, but on top of that, just being able to pull questions based on intent for search engine optimization and content creation. It’s a … What do I want to say? It’s where everybody’s asking the questions and giving the answers.

Joe Martinez: 47:57 The purpose that people go there is to research, right? So from advertisers, we do that too. That said, we’ve done it for our YouTube channels like what were people looking for this topic? We should create a video on that because people are asking questions on it. So it helps us too.

Erin Sparks: 48:08 It’s utopia. 

Joe Martinez: 48:10 They’re all-

Erin Sparks: 48:11 It’s a playground for everybody, right?

Joe Martinez: 48:12 Exactly, and it works and we find value in it from both a personal and a professional perspective. 

Erin Sparks: 48:20 I ask a lot of questions to start, or actually I peruse a lot of the Star Wars questions on there, so. So there’s that voice of reason.

Joe Martinez: 48:20 My man. 

Erin Sparks: 48:24 All right, what bugs you about your industry right now?

Joe Martinez: 48:31 I mean, it kind of goes along to what we were talking about. People are complaining a lot about the keyword situation and I know from a search perspective, I’m not overly happy about it, but I mean being in this industry again dog years, as long as we have, we know it doesn’t stay the same. I’ve always looked at it if everyone just focusing on keywords and everything, I actually just released a video this week on the paid media pros channel saying how you can change up your ads to stop focusing on keywords because when everyone focused on keywords, I have so many examples of the first headline in the four ads are all exactly the same. 

People just slapping in the keywords. It’s like we’re so focused on that instead of marketing. So, the degradation of keywords, I’m okay with if it focuses more on audiences and user groups, then we can actually focus on marketing to those users of people instead of just slapping a keyword in front of their face, or just stuffing, I’m going to make my H1’s, or my title tags to everything just this keyword. It’s like, no, let’s solve the problems that these people want and where they are. So, we’re actually focusing on being better marketers and the more people complain about it, that’s what bugs me the most because one, it’s not changing. It’s been moving this way for years. 

So, if you want to, again, if you want to complain about it, that’s fine. But if you’re not willing to adjust in this industry, I think that’s what bugs me the most.

Erin Sparks: 49:54 It’s really about getting into the intent and finding platforms that you can capitalize on intent that can capture that intent better, and that certainly is Quora. So, what excites you about the industry?

Joe Martinez: 50:06 I think all these new channels. It gives us an opportunity. One, it’s going to help save us costs because these newer channels want to get one new advertisers in and they want to get new people in this. So, one, it is more affordable but not every single ad platform has the same targeting option. Not every ad platform has the same creative options that we can pick. So, we can actually pick what’s going to be best for us. We have more solutions to actually come up with some fun stuff to do and I think the options that we have from that perspective is much more engaged and we can actually do some fun stuff, and some of these platforms that if you do Reddit, Quora, YouTube, we can focus on building that awareness from the top of the funnel. 

I can go back to what bugs me the most is people are just focused on search. I was like, why am I not seeing more search traffic? What are you doing to create that demand that search supplies? Nothing, right? If you’re not doing anything, then you can’t complain because people don’t know about you or know about your products or what you do. They’re not going to search for it. So all these additional platforms that are coming up with different ad formats that can kind of feel that top of the funnel that’s going to satisfy your search down the line.

Erin Sparks: 51:15 Very good. The long and short of it is we are all data analysts and we need to be data scientists and not just hang our shingle on marketers. Marketer can actually be a bit of a stigma and a bit of a laziness. Digital marketing, you’re analyzing data and you’re making tests. You’re addressing and changing up different delivery and getting results from that and that’s where we should be regularly. These channels such as Quora give us that ability to deep dive and be able to test out hypothesis there that can even make it into larger marketing executions, right?

Joe Martinez: 51:56 Yap, absolutely, 100%.

Erin Sparks: 51:57 Oh, very good. Well, I appreciate your time, Joe. Anytime that you’re in Indianapolis, stop on by. We will unpack this and maybe spin off a show or two regarding Star Wars or bourbon or, or craft beer. Okay, last thing I’m going to ask you, what did you think about Solo?

Joe Martinez: 52:17 I loved it. I’m a deeper fan. I watched the Clone Wars cartoon. There were a lot of deep down references that people in the movie theaters were like I don’t get that. Who is that person? I was like, you’re not a die hard fan. So, I loved that movie and it got too much hate because everyone hated the last jet I saw. The movie was fantastic.

Erin Sparks: 52:34 Oh, so it got to a tailwind by-

Joe Martinez: 52:38 I think, yeah. People think that I don’t like the Last Jedi X, so I’m not going to see Solo. So, that’s what happened and it killed probably a second Solo movie but I thought it was great.

Erin Sparks: 52:44 No, it was good. Any predictions of any other shows coming out of Disney that could it be on the Disney network, movie wise?

Joe Martinez: 52:52 Movie wise, no. I still think Ryan Johnson who did the Last Jedi, I still think his new trilogy is going to be about the origins of the force. That’s my prediction

Erin Sparks: 53:02 That’s your prediction. You heard it here, right on the Edge. All right, well, thank you again. We certainly want to tell our audience to follow you on Twitter, Milwaukee PPC. Over at LinkedIn, Joe Martinez PPC. Instagram, Milwaukee PPC. Final word for the digital marketers out there.

Joe Martinez: 53:19 Just keep testing out new channels and embrace what you do. Don’t be afraid to try something. Google analytics and all the data that we get from all these channels is great, but don’t be afraid to just try something new to see what engages with your audience. Because as industry changes and user behaviors changes, past data is great to a certain point, but people are going to change the way that they want to consume content and what they want to see. So test something new that your previous data can always justify.

Erin Sparks: 53:48 Like a Borg, the Borg modulators all the time. So you’ve got to be able to-

Joe Martinez: 53:51 He tried to throw me a curve ball last time too and I’m not falling for this one. I’m not going to say, yes, I know what you’re talking about because I have no clue what you’re talking about.

Erin Sparks: 53:58 See what I did there, Star Wars and Star Trek. You won’t even cross that barrier. It’s like a force field.

Joe Martinez: 54:04 I don’t even know.

Erin Sparks: 54:07 All right, that’s it. Thanks for … Oh yeah, that’s right. We’re going to be having a Q&A regarding Quora. Okay, so we also want to make sure that we are letting you know that we have a new element in the edge. Bentley are here. We’ve got a Q&A with Joe coming up regarding Quora. So we’re actually going to spin up a new session here, and Jacob at 3:00 PM, what are we doing on, and this is on YouTube stream, right? Live stream, and we’re going to be interacting with the live audience and talking about Quora questions.

Jacob Mann: 54:50 We’ll take their questions and ask them in here and see what Joe has to say.

Erin Sparks: 54:54 Absolutely.

Jacob Mann: 54:55 Have them in on the remote.

Erin Sparks: 54:56 Yap, unless you want to stay here the entire time, Joe.

Jacob Mann: 54:58 Hey, you want to stay here for a week?

Joe Martinez: 54:59 Hey, it’s all right. Pointing out, which hotel my staying at?

Erin Sparks: 55:03 We have a cot in the back. You can just hang out.

Joe Martinez: 55:05 That’s fine. St. Elmos every night though, right?

Erin Sparks: 55:08 There it is, see? All right, so check out the Edge Q&A with Joe Martinez. This is the pilot one, so we want to make sure that we get a lot of contribution. It’s going to be pretty cool. Ask all your questions about Quora and niche marketing. All right, well thanks for listening to Edge of the Web radio. Special thank you to our colleagues over at Site Strategics as well as our guest, Joe Martinez. It’s always great to be able to see him in studio. Check out all the information and must see videos over at edgeofthewebradio.com. That’s edgeofthewebradio.com. 

We’ll talk to you on Wednesday. Coming up, do not be a piece of cyber driftwood. Bye, bye. Well, we certainly hope you enjoyed our interview with Joe Martinez. Make sure that you jump on over to our take on this week’s digital marketing news.