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Indianapolis Local SEOLocal search engine optimization is an increasingly popular SEO strategy that focuses on channeling local traffic, i.e. individuals searching businesses in your local area, to your website.

Internet searchers are increasingly making their online searches more specific, for instance, adding names of cities, counties or states as prefixes or suffixes to the main search terms.

Recognizing this growing trend, Site Strategics provides SEO services that incorporate GEO targeted terms in your website content and internal & external links to help your website obtain top tier search engine positioning for these specific and relevant keyword phrases.

Our SEO specialists are highly knowledgeable and experienced in using effective local search engine optimization practices to get your site in front of local customers. We have been helping clients for many years achieve the targeted SEO results they need to increase their website traffic from local sources. By focusing on local phrase-driven content creation and local link development strategies, our team can help your business achieve a distinct web marketing advantage in your local community.


Local SEO and Organic Search

Organic search results consist of the standard listings you see when you perform a search in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Because this traffic is in essence, “free traffic,” most online marketers desire as much targeted organic search engine traffic they can get. Our local search engine optimization service can help pull in pockets of organic website traffic from the local geographical region in which your business resides.

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Site Strategics employs a full-service strategy to enhance your local SEO profile. We conduct a review of each of your website pages to determine their current effectiveness at drawing local search traffic. We then conduct professional keyword research to uncover local search phrases that have commercial intent pertaining to your services and products. From this information we incorporate these vital GEO targeted keywords into the pages of your site, including the title, headers, meta data, keyword tags, description tags and main copy. In addition, we help your business get listed with Google’s local map listing service, or improve the position of your current listing.

Sponsored Listings & GEO Targeting

A local pay-per-click advertising campaign can be quite effective at targeting specific, local areas using a diverse and wide range of GEO targeted keywords based on your businesses products and services. As well, PPC marketing can be used as a temporary, quick traffic drawing method while your other organic traffic strategies take the necessary time to develop and produce results. We help you achieve positive return on your investment by selecting the best local keyword phrases that will immediately place your business in front of willing buyers at an affordable cost.

Meet The Site Strategics SEO Team

Jennifer Denney

Client Success Manager

Tom joined the Site Strategics in November 2011 and has worked as a Social Media Manager, Content Marketer, WordPress Developer, and Video Editor.

Tom Brodbeck

SEO Consultant, Developer

Nate manages our digital marketing department managers, executing our SEO, PPC and social media strategies.

Nate Torvik

Marketing Strategy Manager

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